Hydrotherapy – What Is It?

whirlpoolHydrotherapy is the use of water to treat physical or psychological problems, which can be used in many ways to relieve the body of both mental and physical stresses. The use hydrotherapy using water as a healing agent has actually been around since early man, but became much more popular during the time of ancient Egyptians and their use of early aroma therapy and oils in baths. Hydrotherapy can be performed in multiple ways, all of which have a specific healing purpose.


One of the main goals in the case of physical injuries and hydrotherapy is to fully submerge the afflicted body part if not the entire body. The reason behind submerging the afflicted body part is that when submerged, the hydrotherapy will remove some of the tension your body naturally causes, relieving some of the discomfort experienced normally. The effect of hydrotherapy is even more so when the entire body is submerged, as it becomes essentially weightless, removing most pressures to your body. This state is great for achieving a level of relaxation not possible otherwise without hydrotherapy.


Hydrotherapy can be combined with aroma therapy, which in itself adds a whole new level to the therapeutic waters. This is because while someone is relaxed, the senses reach a heightened awareness causing the smells in aroma therapy to fully engross your sense of smell providing a uniquely calming experience. In addition to smells, water temperature can be fluctuated to give varying results during hydrotherapy. Some muscle pains for example, are better relieved through the use of colder waters, while warmer waters relieves joint aches more efficiently.


Speaking of warmer waters, hydrotherapy is used to treat psychological problems as well. It is done similarly to treating physical ailments, in that relaxation is the first goal through submergence in warm water. During Hydrotherapy, the water will allow the body to relax physically so the user can then focus wholey on mental stresses. The heat will also increase bloodflow allowing for your body to perform more efficiently. The heat of the water also manipulates your central nervous system so pains, emotional and physical, are not received as they normally are outside of the warm water.


A commonly forgotten benefit to bathing and hydrotherapy is that, during this time of relaxation, nothing can get to you. Everything for the time being is put on hold, further adding the the removal of stress. It is a time for healing and nothing else. Hydrotherapy doesn’t need to be done in a costly, luxurious bath either, if you can relax in your bath tub, then you can receive the healing effects that hydrotherapy brings with it too!