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Walk in Tub Benefits

Walk-in tubs or safety tubs are the logical solution for safe bathing. A walk-in tub empowers many with the pride and independence of maintaining their own personal hygiene needs. We also offer walk-in tubs that go far beyond the practical, daily bathing needs. We offer walk-in tubs that create a relaxing, luxurious experience for their users.   View Our Walk-In Tubs


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Hydrotherapy Tub

Walk in Tubs Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a whole new world of bathing. It offers relief from the stiffness of muscular tightness. Hydrotherapy also offers relief from aches from rheumatism, pain from arthritis and tension from daily activity. The hydrotherapy jets are positioned  to give the body maximum relief. The science behind hydrotherapy is in the pulse of the bubbles, and the adjustable pulsation control enables you to choose exactly how much sensation is best for your body.


Walk-in Tubs Safety Benefits

An Aladdin Walk-in Tub allows you to regain the enjoyment of soaking in a relaxing tub, and offers you the luxury to bathe in total confidence while feeling safe. Our Anti-slip floor and seat surface is a standard feature and virtually eliminate the chance of slipping or falling in the tub. The lifetime of benefits you will receive from your walk-in tub are priceless.


Walk-in Tubs have a large variety of benefits that include eliminating insomnia, soothing nerves, increases circulation, lowers fevers and helps to maintain your metabolic function. Walk-in tubs have been proven to be beneficial to those who are affected by abdomen ailments. 


Walk-in Tub  Benefits  will help with the physical and emotional issues related to:











Joint Problems

Lower Back Pain

Menstrual problems

Muscle Problems

Nerve Problems



Start enjoying the benefits and relaxation of your Aladdin Walk-in Tub today! 

 Walk in Tub Benefits