New York Walk In Tubs

Walk in TubsAre you considering upgrading or updating your bathroom in New York with a walk in tub? Aladdin Walk in Tubs has the best selection of premium quality walk in tubs that can fit almost any bathroom in New York.


When a bathroom renovation begins, the first things people consider is the fixtures and a walk in tub should be considered in any bathroom anyway. Living in the city in New York usually means you don’t have a great deal of excess space to expand your bathroom too much. A walk in bath tub takes up the same space as a normal bathtub and even less for some models. Leaving you with the option of how deep you want your walk in tub to be and what position you are most comfortable bathing in.


If you are looking to update an elderly person’s bathroom or a physically limited person’s bathroom, a walk in tub is the easiest decision to make. It comes down to sheer preference with walk in tubs because walk in tubs are built to be safe, reliable, user friendly and easily accessible for bathing assistance from others. If you, a friend, or a loved one has difficulty bathing themselves, why not help them regain some of their independence with a walk in tub. Walk in tubs are easy access for entry and for assisted bathing or entry but also walk in tubs are low entry. So a low walk in tub is safer to enter and exit for independent solo bathers.


In New York, some properties, apartments, or buildings are limited on space or would be difficult to access with an elaborate normal bathtub. Aladdin Walk in Tubs’ selection of space saving tubs give bathers the full experience of a sit down bath without having to sacrifice the space. A large percentage of our customers prefer the space saver walk in tubs because it opens up more space for the rest of the bathroom.


Never feel limited with a walk in tub option in New York. The only limitation you really have is deciding when you should get out of the tub.

Lifetime Warranty

Aladdin Walk In Tubs

Aladdin Walk-In Tubs have a Lifetime Warranty on all our Tubs not to crack, pit, peel, chip or discolor as well as a lifetime warranty on the Door Seal and Jets to never leak.


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