Low Entry Walk in Tubs

Low Entry Walk in TubsWalk in Tubs were originally developed for the elderly and the mobility impaired so they could gain back some independence and bath on their own. Although some bathers still require assistance bathing, the walk in tub allows for more assistance in entering and exiting than a traditional bath tub.


A low entry walk in tub as a very small threshold so almost anyone can lift their feet up and get in the tub. If a person can walk on their own, they can get into a low entry walk in tub.


A low entry walk in tub has a very low clearance on the door but the height and depth of the tub is exactly the same as the other walk in tubs. Our low entry tubs are meant for the solo bather so they can get in and out on their own. If the bather still requires assistance getting bathed, a helper can easily and safely assist the bather get in and out.


Just like other walk in tubs, the low entry walk in tubs have safety bars for your hands and non slip floors and seats for safety. The low entry walk in tub threshold is just 2 inches from the ground. That is lower than some high heel shoes. The low entry walk in tub features 24 air jets in the back seat for relaxation and rejuvenation.


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