Aladdin Freedom Walk in Tubs

The Aladdin Freedom Tub is one of the most luxurious walk in tubs on the market today. Of the Aladdin line, it remains one of the most popular and most spacious choices of our line. The Aladdin Freedom Tub offers comfort and relaxation along with safety and durability all in one.


The Aladdin Freedom Tub is made of extremely durable woven fiberglass and uses 6 adjustable heavy duty legs to stabilize and level the walk in tub. The drain system on the Aladdin Freedom Tub was scientifically engineered to drain as quickly as possible for your convenience as well. The Aladdin Freedom Tub was also designed to be used as a shower unit, standing or seated, if desired. The Aladdin Freedom Tub ships standard with anti-slip flooring and anti-slip seating for increased grip when entering and exiting the Aladdin Freedom Tub, preventing slips and falls while in the tub.


Relax and Enjoy your Freedom Walk in Tub


aladdin_tubThe Aladdin Freedom Tub allows the user to relax and enjoy soaking in the bath in total bliss. The benefits of our walk in tubs including the Aladdin Freedom Tub are tremendous, both physically and mentally. Our therapeutic walk in tubs can help relieve many different ailments including: Arthritis, Bronchitis, Diabetes, joint and nerve problems, stress and more.


The Aladdin Freedom Tub is designed for ease of use including for entering and exiting. The entryway is one of the lowest of its kind and the door is designed to open inward for easy entering and exiting, the door also comes with a lifetime warranty. In addition, the extra wide door also acts as a countermeasure against leaks and prevents the doors from possibly failing and opening outwards while the user is still in the tub, by pushing the door against the seal, creating an even tighter seal overall. The door is also designed to be right handed or left handed based on user preference. Overall the dimensions on the Aladdin Freedom Tub are 54” L x 29.25” W x 40” H – designed to be spacious, yet take up as little room as possible in your bathroom.


If relaxation and space is what you’re looking for in a walk in tub, the Aladdin Freedom Tub is the style for you. The benefits, mental and physical with last you a lifetime as will the Aladdin Freedom Tub itself. The Aladdin Freedom Tub, without a doubt offers complete comfort and satisfaction of a traditional bath tub.


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